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About Us


Charlie Bloome is proudly owned by local Queensland Mother of two, Rebecca Cooke.

Townsville based but raised in the Burdekin, Rebecca has an extensive work history in Floristy and Pharmacy, and takes great pride in the quality of Charlie Bloome products, as well as excellent presentation.

Mum to a daughter and son, Rebecca trialled the Modern Cloth Nappies on both her children, and quickly realised the importance of customising fittings for different sized bubs, boys and girls - all the way up to potty training toddlers. All the clips on Charlie Bloome nappies are there for very good reason - to prevent accidents!

The All-In-One kindy sheets  were specifically designed for and with experienced Mums and Daycare professionals, in consultation with many Queensland Kindergartens and Daycare centres for size, colour range, fabric, and ease of use. The benefit of an All-In-One sheet set is that nothing ever gets lost and can be unpacked and repacked by young children with ease.

As her children grow, so is the range of fabulous products under trial, such as Swim nappies and Kindy Backpacks - all currently being tested by busy Mums and children, to ensure the Charlie Bloome range remains excellent quality at affordable prices for all families.

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Charlie Bloome is owned and operated by Rebecca Cooke.



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